Native bumblebee

Native bumblebee. Photo by Steve Jones. To learn more about our local bumblebees, listen to the KGNU story, Boulder County Bumblebees

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The Boulder County Nature Association (BCNA) is a private, non-profit, publicly funded organization committed to preservation of the cultural and natural history of Boulder County and adjacent areas of the Colorado Front Range.

We conduct and support natural area studies, flora and fauna studies, historical research, wildlife inventories, and geological research.

We also disseminate natural and cultural history information to the public through nature hikes, classes, slide programs, publications, seminars, support for interpretive facilities in Boulder County, and an annual symposium on the status of Boulder County ecosystems.

We work with the Boulder County community to manage our local ecosystems so that they are sustainable and healthy.

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Author and naturalist Scott Weidensaul has written more than two dozen books on natural history, including Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, The Ghost with Trembling Wings, about the search for species that may or may not be extinct, and Of a Feather: A Brief History of American Birding. Weidensaul lectures widely on wildlife and environmental topics, and is an active field researcher, specializing in birds of prey and hummingbirds. He lives in the Appalachians of eastern Pennsylvania, the heart of the old colonial frontier.

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Monthly Nature Almanac

KGNU features a short program with Steve Jones and Ruth Carol Cushman on the first Friday of every month. For each program, they visit a Boulder County nature site to record sounds there and discuss topics of interest. They are also the authors of Wild Boulder County: A Seasonal Guide to the Natural World.

The programs are archived by month, with information about events happening in the natural world in Boulder County for that month.

August 2014 Audio: Bumblebees

August Seasonal Events in Boulder County

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You will soon be able to learn about dragonflies of the Colorado Front Range from this beautiful and colorful new 112-page publication of the Boulder County Nature Association. Check the BCNA BUZZ to see how and where you can purchase your own copy of Dragonflies of the Colorado Front Range by Ann Cooper.

Dragonfly Cover


Nature-Net is BCNA's email forum for announcements of classes and trips and discussions of many topics relating to Boulder County's natural environment. Nature-Net subscription information.