BCNA Grants -- Call for Proposals

Application deadline: February 15, 2016

BCNA's mission is to educate, inform, and inspire for the purpose of conserving and promoting resilient natural ecosystems in our region. We are pleased to offer research funding by giving small grants for projects consistent with our mission. We currently have up to $4,000 available for grants.

Grants are available in two categories:

  1. The Ken Evenson Memorial Grant provides up to $400 available specifically for research on our native cats. One grant will be awarded each calendar year.

  2. General BCNA grants individually up to $1000 to $2000 fund projects that will add to our understanding of the natural history of Boulder County or will augment the existing documentation of the County’s ecosystems.

Guidelines for proposals


Current Research Projects Sponsored by BCNA

Butterflies in Three Boulder County Open Spaces: Effects of the 2013 Flood. This study is to observe changes following the 2013 flood within three Boulder County Open Space Properties. The goal is to document changes in the butterfly populations making up these recovering communities.

The Front Range Pika Project. The Front Range Pika Project has the following long-term goals:

Determining Lichen Individuality Through Analysis of Ploidy Architecture. The major research question in this project is: What constitutes a genetic individual in lichens? What are the observable mechanisms behind new thallus development in Boulder County? These questions will be answered utilizing flow cytometry to analyze thallus ploidy among the genus Xanthoparmelia.

Proposal to assess the impact of rock-climbing on local avian cliff communities in Boulder OSMP. The purpose of this project is to compare avian species diversity and behavior between infrequently climbed and frequently climbed sites. This will indicate whether or not rock climbing has the potential to impact the productivity, fitness, and/or habitat loss of bird species that use cliffs.


Sample of Past Research Projects Sponsored by BCNA

Reports from some of those projects partially or wholly sponsored by BCNA are listed here.