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If you don't get the 3-minute radio broadcast, you may need to install a plugin or player. Click here for a page with links to the popular plugins. Although it's a Mozilla and Firefox page, items are listed for all browsers. You will want to tell some browsers which player to use.

Microsoft makes your decisions for you if you use Internet Explorer. Likewise, Mac users probably will find the files play with no special attention.

Click here for Opera instructions.

Firefox Instructions
With Firefox, the Quicktime plugin doesn't download the whole file. However, the Quicktime and RealPlayer players do work. To determine how Firefox 2.0 handles sound files, select Tools | Options from the menu bar. Click on the content tab and you'll get this box. In Firefox 1.5, I think it's the "Tabs" tab that has the entry for configuring how Firefox handles certain types of files. (Upgrading to Firefox 2.0 is recommended for a number of reasons, including security.)

Select "Manage", then search the extensions column for MP3. (There are two entries.) Select one, then "Change action" to get the box below. Browse for the player of your choice. Here QuickTime Player is shown. You'll have to browse under c:\Program Files\ to find QuickTime\QuickTimePlayer.exe or Real\RealPlayer\realplay.exe.

Opera Instructions
The procedure is similar to that with Firefox. From the menu bar select Tools | Preferences to get this box. As illustrated below, select the Advanced tab and scroll to audio/mpeg.

Click the Edit... box to obtain the box below. The QuickTime plug-in does work properly with Opera. My personal preference is to use one of the players. You may have to browse in c:\Program Files\ for QuickTime\QuickTimePlayer.exe or Real\RealPlayer\realplay.exe.


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